Corner 1

Postato in I corsi


Two years, four semesters, for a total of 2000 hours
1200 hours of lectures, workshops and project work
800 hours internships
Average week of 28 hours of lessons and 40 hours when on internships.

Teaching methods and strategies used.
Front lecturing and/or dialogue
Research and projects
Discussion and sharing
Simulation and role playing
Practical exercises
Task laboratories
Problem Solving
Technical workshops
Project Work
Individual and group work
Educational outings
Edicational tours Study trips



Studying cultural, environmental, natural and landscape resources of the area with a view to drawing up integrated development strategies for culture and tourism
Documenting development process stages
Drawing up marketing plans and following up their implementation and results
Managing client relations with a view to promotion and the fostering of loyalty
Collaborating the financial management of cultural and tourism areas
The use of dedicated software and archives
Dealing with public and private bodies and individuals in the trade
Programming the provision of products and services, warranting their quality and value for money

Acquisition of skills relating to the specific professional profile:
1 - supporting the organisation, management and monitoring of production processes with a view to ensuring their excellence, quality and economic character
2 - using new technologies to support management and marketing, with the aim of growing market share and developing new promotion and sales channels
3 - supporting budgeting-reporting work and contributing to the ensuring decisions on strategy
4 - optimising customer management, tailoring supply to demand and specific markets, including international markets, using customer satisfaction indicators and customer care resources
5 - studying cultural, environmental, natural and landscape resources in the area in order to draw up integrated development strategies for culture and tourism.



Information technology for economics
Communication skills
Safety in the tourism sector
Tourism law
Tourism economics and management of the tourist enterprises
ICT for accommodation sector
Quality and environment
Company Organisation
Strategic analysis in the tourism sector
Web marketing
Revenue management
Customer relationship management
Tour organising and travel agencies operations
Cultural and environmental resources
Exploitation of the area resource for turist products and experiences
Cost control and budgeting for the hospitality sector
Project work
Training period and work experiences
Laboratories, visits

At the end of the cousrse, students have to pass an examination, in order to achieve the "Diploma" of Higher Tecnhician in Tourism and Hospitality Management.
The Diploma/Bachelor is connected with a Europass Certificate.

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