Are you an international student and want to specialise in Tourism?

Choose the two-year Postgraduate Technical Specialisation Masters to acquire knowledge, skills and competences to work in technologically advanced contexts.

What do you get at the end of the two-year course?

The qualification awarded is the Higher Technical Diploma corresponding to the 5th EQF (European Qualification Framework) level valid throughout Europe.

  • Scholarships   Scholarship and coverage of the training course and partner companies
  • Erasmus + Internships abroad in application of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education BCHB 2022-2027
  • Title awarded State Higher Technical Diploma corresponding to the 5th EQF level European Qualification Framework
  • Authorized Test Center Optional certification Test of English for international Communication by ETS English Testing Service
  • Occupational Safety Certificates Issuing of 6 immediately spendable certificates related to safety in the company
  • Training credits recognition of university-trained CFU credits spendable in national and international universities
  • Benefits Possibility of accommodation contribution
  • Sweatshirt and uniform
  • Laptop  and student kit