The “Transparent Administration” section is being constructed, in respect of and in adjustment to the regulatory provisions in that regard:

– Italian Legislative Decree no. 33 of 14 March 2013

– Reworking of rules on obligations of publicity, transparency and disclosure of information by public administrations

– ANAC Guideline no. 24 of 23 September 2015, with reference to the fulfilments envisaged by point 3.1, referring to private entities, particularly associations and foundations, over which public administrations hold powers of control allowing them to exercise the right of interference in the business on an ongoing basis (predominantly financing the business with public funds).

The section was created in compliance with the regulatory indications contained in Italian Legislative Decree no. 33 of 14 March 2013:

“Transparency is seen as the total accessibility of information about the organisation and activity of public administrations, with the aim of facilitating widespread forms of control over the pursuit of the institutional functions and the use of public resources. Transparency, in respect of the provisions on State secrecy, official secrecy, statistical secrecy and personal data protection, contributes to implementing the democratic principle and constitutional principles of equality, impartiality, proper performance, responsibility, effectiveness and efficiency in the use of public resources, integrity and loyalty in service to the nation. It is a condition that guarantees individual and collective freedoms, as well as civil, political and social rights; it supplements the right to proper administration and contributes to achieving an open administration, in service to citizens”.

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